SEA Games 2023 to Positively Impact Cambodian Property and Investment

Date:2022-09-29 16:30:00

Cambodia is hosting the SEA Games for the first time in May, and the 12th ASEAN Para Games in June 2023. Phnom Penh will become the center of attention for the games, especially the new Morodok Techo National Stadium that will be used for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Moreover, the government prepared a $30 million budget to be spent on the National Olympic Stadium and the OCIC Chroy Changva Exhibition Hall during the game.

This central point will be able to attract more investment opportunities and potentially international and regional buyers in the property market. By showcasing the latest and upcoming developments via online portals, it will ensure overseas and domestic buyers have the best properties in the country.

The Southeast Asian Games will yield both short and long-term impacts. In the short term, some industries such as hotels and accommodations, restaurants and bars will benefit from the inflow of visitors, media, and athletes. Also, the long-term impact will focus on the property market as there is more exposure to international media in the build-up to and during the Games, including corporate sponsors.

The demand for people to live in the area beyond the stadiums will grow, and there will be more diverse developments. Other countries will notice the new face that Cambodia has to offer including the extent of infrastructure. The development has progressed smoothly and will bring economic stability and good security.

Most importantly, our investors would also benefit from the SEA Games 2023, as two of our underlying properties are closely located to the events. Our UTs Borey NR5 is located along National Road 5, and Muk Kampul 16644 is located along National Road 6. These two national roads will allow more traffic to the city and the pass-through area to the events creating more economic activities upon the arrival of tourists, international media, and athletes and positively create more opportunities for the market.

As of September 29th, UT Borey NR5 is traded at $0.86/UT with the target reselling price of $1.40/UT, which generates up to 49% gain of the return in the near future. Similarly, UT Muk Kampul 16644 is traded at $1.13/UT with the target reselling price of $1.36/UT, which generates 30% gain of the return in the near future too.



Rewritten By: Chheng Usa _ Investment Analyst

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