What is a UT?

"Units of Trust"
Our defaul token that signifies the trust we have as a whole to co-invest in different projects.

What is opening price?

The first traded price of UT one day of trading.

What is closing price?

The last traded price of UT on each day of tradiing.

What is Base price?

"The initial listing price of a UT

What is an order book?

The listing of all unmatched orders for each UT.

What is a market watch?

The monitoring of market situation through analyzing the traansactions of UT trading in the market.

What is a bid?

refers to the highest price a buyer will pay to buy a specified number of shares of a UT at any given time

What is an ask?

refers to the lowest price at which a seller will sell the stock

What is a buy limit order?

an order to buy or sell a stock a specific price or better

What is a market order?

an order to buy or sell a stock at the market's current best available price

What is a dividend?

a token reward paid to the UT holders for their investment in a UT's equity

What is an ex-dividend date?

is the trading date (and after) which dividend is not owed to a new buyer of the UT

What is indication price?

indication price is our potential upside price dicated by our reale estate professionals

What is favorite list?

Allows you to keep track of your favorite investments before you decide to fully invest in it

What is transfer?

This function allows you to transfer funds from one account to another

What is ITO records?

Shows all of your ITO purchases/subscriptions and its lockup period

What is historical data?

Shows all relevent transactions and prices with respect to each UT

What is liquidity?

refers to the ease with which the UT can be convert into ready cash wihtout affecting itsm

What is an exchange?

our secondary market where all of your Uts are bought and sold

What is portfolio dashboard?

represents the equivilent of all of your UT holdings on our platform at any given moment in tim your balance will go up as you invest more on our platform or as your assets increase in value

What is an ITO?

also known as initail token offering. This is where our new carefully selected and fully vetted re before being listed to the public on the exchange In other words this is our primary market where you can pre-book the UT before it is listed on get in early to purchase the UT at a discounted rate discounts are based on membership (standard,premium,professional) All ITO purchases are subjected to a lock up period before you can sell on the exchang. Lockup period depends on your membership class

What is order balance?

refers to the amount you have bid or ask for What is available balance? relates to the balance you have left after deducting your order balance

What is total balance?

total balance refers to your order balance plus your available balance

What is VWAP?

(volume-weighted average price) is the ratio of the value of the asset traded to the total volu

What is trade orders?

represent all of your buys and asks awaiting trade execution

What is transactions?

"All transactions" are all transactions on the platform relating to the respective UT. "My transactio

What is swap?

Swapping means simultaneously trading properties for another property. Isntead of waiting wasting you precious time, you can swap your property with a property in our po Benefits of SwapSaves time (no need to lsit your property on the marke as with a few steps you can Cost saving (lower fees com- pared to property sales and purchases)Trad- ing and Investment gain potential (get the op- portunity and priviledge t o trad Greater Al- ternatives (greater choices of best price proeprties provided for swappin

What is starting price?

Starting price or listing price is the initail price of bringing our UT into the market